Mobile Home Park Laws New York

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A lessee of a manufactured home is a person who rents space in a prefabricated housing park from an owner or operator of a manufactured home or is used to park the manufactured home, or a person who rents a manufactured house in a park from an owner or operator of a manufactured home. Section 233 of the New York Real Estate Act (RPL) contains most of the rules for RV fleets in New York City. This is a PDF file with an index that you can use to find the parts of Section 233 that apply to the problem you are facing. Read more Note: The law is different if you rent the mobile home to someone other than the person who owns the park. Then, the rent payment notification should give you at least 14 days to pay. Park owners are required to notify tenants 90 days in advance of any fee review or change. Park owners are also required to notify tenants in writing of any rule violations by the tenant, and the park owner must give the tenant 10 days to remedy the violation or problem. What is the legal definition of a motorhome? The right to a habitable, sanitary and safe park under guarantee of habitability. Tenants have the right to a habitable, hygienic and safe park, including all public spaces, roads and grounds. Rental provisions that are inconsistent with this law are illegal and unenforceable.

Failure to provide water or other essential services or to resolve sewage problems are examples of breach of this warranty. Park owners may not intentionally or intentionally refuse to provide services or facilities once they have agreed to do so. Rent claims in RV parks have different rules than rent claims in other apartments. Content Details As of July 14, 2019, New York State has significantly expanded tenant protection with a broad set of bills covering topics ranging from rent control to eviction restrictions to manufactured housing (MH) leases. Much of the law is aimed at protecting apartment tenants in New York City and across the state. In addition to these expanded protections, the new legislation also creates new and expanded protections for owners and tenants of manufactured homes. Although there is only one MH park in New York City, HD parks address a significant need for affordable housing in much of the rest of the state. The greatest impact of these new HD laws will be felt primarily by HD fleet owners and managers.

In addition, the impact will be felt by investors, developers or other parties who wish to purchase an MH park in order to change the use of the HD park to something other than leasing HD sites. If a mobile park owner decides to sell the park, they must offer their tenants a right of first refusal. The tenants` association or the tenants themselves have the right to adapt any offer received by the landlord and purchase the park themselves. If the landlord sells the park to a purchaser other than the tenants, the new owner must notify the tenants for 60 months (five years) of their intention to remove the mobile home stock and evict all tenants. If you are late in paying your rent and are renting from an RV park, the law requires your landlord to give you a written letter informing you that you must pay the rent due within 30 days. This letter is called a communication. Your landlord must give you this notice before trying to get an eviction order. This applies even if you do not own your mobile home but rent a mobile home in the park. An important innovation in the Act are the provisions that focus on leases between MH park owners and HD owners. Under the new provisions, a lease is an agreement between an owner or operator of an MH park and an MH tenant that provides that the MH tenant becomes the owner of the leased MH after a certain period of time or other eventuality. The parts of the Act that describe leases in detail contain many new provisions, including the provisions outlined below: the right to a copy of the parking regulations and a written statement of all charges at the beginning of the occupation; This is a PDF of things to consider and consider when buying a mobile home or land. Content detail The right to choose who you want as a service person; New York law limits how much a manufactured home owner can increase your rent, including land rent and utility fees or utilities.

The right to sell your manufactured home without having to remove it from the park; Tenants living in prefabricated parks can file a complaint by contacting DHCR Manufactured. The right to buy a manufactured home from anyone you want, whether as a current or potential tenant; The right to ten days to correct a violation of parking rules or regulations; New mental health laws, implemented in New York City, introduce many new protections for owners and tenants of manufactured homes and expand protections already offered. All MH fleet owners in the state must take steps to ensure they implement policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all new requirements. For investors and state developers who wish to acquire and develop an HD park for a reason other than leasing HD sites, the new law increases both the time it takes before a parcel of land can be purchased and likely the total amount of investment required to purchase the property. New York is regularly considered a tenant-friendly state and its laws are often a model adopted by other states. If your mental health-related business is located outside of New York City, be sure to receive regular updates on new mental health laws and update your policies and procedures to meet new or changed requirements. As the relocation of a mobile home is expensive and difficult, the owners of a mobile home park are required to offer mobile home owners a rental contract of at least one year. The park owner is also required to extend leases for all tenants in the park in good condition.

Here is a list of your rights when renting a mobile home in a park of prefabricated houses. A prefabricated housing park is defined as a contiguous private parcel of land used to house three or more prefabricated homes that are inhabited throughout the year. In a brochure published by the New York State Attorney General`s Office, you will find important additional information about tenant rights in prefabricated home parks. Please contact us if you would like us to provide you with a copy. The right to hold your trust deposit in an interest-bearing account and to know the name and address of the bank for parks with six or more locations; The right to refuse the purchase of equipment from the park owner; The right to be free from occupancy restrictions in parking rules or leases; The rights of mobile home owners who rent space in an RV park in upstate New York are addressed in Real Property Act 233, also known as the Manufactured Home Owners` Bill of Rights. This law differs from laws that cover the landlord-tenant relationship in other forms of housing. The right to display a “For Sale” sign on any manufactured home; If you live in a mobile home or manufactured housing park, some additional safeguards apply to you. If you believe your rights have been violated, call the Manufactured Homes Program at 1-800-432-4210. Note: If you have problems with the park owner or operator, you should consult a lawyer. If the park tries to evict a rental buyer, the buyer may be able to get their money back. Grounds for eviction of an RV park tenant include non-payment of rent by the tenant, violation of parking rules by the tenant, violations of building codes, and illegal activities of a tenant in his home.

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