Mto Legal Services Branch

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The Ministry of Energy and Economic Development, the Job Creation Department and Trade Legal Services provide strategic legal advice and assistance on program, legislative and policy development initiatives. Lawyers in our industry also work closely with colleagues in other areas such as constitutional law, civil and legislative law, Crown Law Office – Civil and Legislative Counsel. The practice of litigation provides students with hands-on experience with quasi-prosecution and other litigation. Working with lawyers, students engage in conversations with clients, develop interviewing, problem analysis, and fact-gathering skills, and learn how to advise clients in a rapidly changing environment. Students also research legal issues and write legal dissertations. Students in the Justice Policy Branch have the unique opportunity to participate in the development of public policy and law. They work in a collegial environment on priority issues for government and influence decision-making on a variety of issues. Students also examine current legal issues from different angles, resulting in a broader perspective and deeper understanding of the issues. OMAFRA`s legal department is medium-sized, providing students with more opportunities to work on a variety of projects that are transforming agriculture, the food sector and rural communities for a healthy Ontario. Our students work on legal opinions on new agricultural trade policies and assist with litigation. Students will be able to work with many consultants and in many areas of practice. Students must be able to think critically, have excellent communication skills and professionalism. Students must also be flexible, organized, and able to provide quality legal services within short deadlines while balancing competing priorities.

The ability to be collegial, to work together effectively and to take initiative when working independently is also required. Students in the OCL office gain direct and meaningful contact with the court system in order to gain hands-on experience in family law litigation and civil procedure. Our articling students and summer law students have the opportunity to accompany and participate in legal education. The Constitutional Law Branch (LOI) lawyer advises and pleads on current legal issues. Our lawyers are among the few in Canada who focus exclusively on constitutional law. The Legal Service (BSL) of the Ministry of Children, Social and Community Affairs (MCCSS) provides legal advice to managers and employees regarding ministry activities, legislation, regulations and litigation related to ministry programs. Laws administered by the Ministry include legislation on social welfare, child protection, juvenile justice, adoption and the provision of developmental services. The Panel of Counsel of the Court Services Division provides strategic legal advice and policy and program support on all matters relating to court administration.

The lawyer provides strategic legal policy advice related to the judicial system, including legislative and regulatory changes and advice on all practical aspects of managing a public service, including contracts, compliance, etc. Our students learn from extensive experience in Indigenous law and will work with other government departments on a range of legal issues. The Office of the Children`s Lawyer (OCL) is an independent law firm within the Victims and Vulnerable Persons Division of the Ministry of the Attorney General. We provide legal services to children under the age of 18 in certain civil matters. The Civil Law Division manages two main branches of law that provide legal services across the Ontario government: experience in Indigenous law and the ability to travel to Ontario to work in law enforcement are part of the articling area. Students benefit from a rich and varied work experience ranging from law enforcement and litigation to drafting, policy development and program implementation. We offer excellent legal education and help students develop a broad base of skills and knowledge. The work environment is collegial, with lawyers who will be happy to help and advise when needed. The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Long-Term Care Legal Service provides strategic legal advice on difficult and high-profile issues facing the Ministry of Health and the MLTC. While most of our firm`s work is focused on lawyers, some of our lawyers hold administrative hearings before the courts. You will also work with lawyers from the Crown Law Office – Civil and the Constitutional Law Branch on judicial reviews and civil litigation.

We are a small but collegial branch of law that offers an exciting opportunity to engage in a variety of practice areas, including Indigenous law, corporate and commercial law, insolvency and bankruptcy law, resource law (mining and forestry), environmental law, public law and regulatory law. Our goal is to provide our students with a broad and comprehensive experience with a focus on professional development. Our students are exposed to challenging and interesting work. The environment offers them the opportunity to gain a great deal of legal knowledge and experience while dealing with clients with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The lawyer provides legal services to the Ministry of Public and Commercial Service Delivery and the Ministry of Infrastructure in a variety of operational, programmatic and policy areas, ranging from health cards and birth certificates to consumer protection, public safety, strategy, management and government transactions. We provide our students with unparalleled exposure to Ontario health law and a solid foundation on which to build a long and successful legal career. The Legal Services Branch is responsible for providing legal advice and support to the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture (MHSTCI), the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility (MSAA) and Francophone Affairs (MFA) and six government agencies: Ontario Place, Ontario Science Centre, Ontario Media Development Corporation, St. Lawrence Parks Commission, Ontario Heritage Trust and Destination Ontario. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure plans and improves transport networks, builds new infrastructure, provides transport services and implements transport policies to enable the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry`s Legal Department (Natural Resources and Forestry) conducts litigation and advises the Niagara Escarpment Commission, an agency of the ministry. The Legal Services Branch (LSB) of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (DTIGT) is a Centre of Legal Excellence that provides legal advice and litigation to the MTSD.

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