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I am part of PwC`s risk management advisory team. My work profile includes setting up a compliance framework for clients in different sectors, creating governance policies for different clients, reviewing agreements for clients in different sectors, identifying risks (legal and business) and advising on risk mitigation, etc. My work profile is a good mix of research and design. It also involves meeting and interacting with customers, understanding their business needs, models, and operations to add value and achieve good results. We believe in the power of law to solve your main challenges and face the future. It`s not just about legal advice. It`s about looking beyond uncertainty and risk to discover new opportunities. It`s about leveraging PwC`s global reach, local footprint and industry depth to find a sustainable path to success. We offer the connected expertise that connects all aspects of your business – so you can grow and protect it, now and in the future.

Whether you have just graduated from law school or have legal experience, join us and develop your talents and gain new skills. Prerna Singh graduated from Christ University School of Law (class of 2011). His internship experiences have been very diverse. She has completed articling at a variety of renowned law firms, including Trilegal, Dua Associates and LKS. During her law studies, she participated in various extracurricular activities and published several publications. She has been a proactive advocate and has participated in and won several moot court competitions at the Faculty of Law. Shortly after graduation, she joined SRGR Law Office and then Archer and Angel, Advocates and Legal Consultants as a partner. She currently works as a consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the area of risk consulting. Leon Flavell, head of legal practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said the consulting firm will become a $1 billion global legal services firm, with the goal of growing from the $500 million generated by legal services in 2013.

In the UK, the firm has been licensed to operate as an alternative business structure (ABS), which allows non-lawyers and companies to own legal services firms. In India too, accounting firms have developed their legal capacity in recent years and obtained an increasing number of instructions [The Lawyer] My internship experiences have been very diverse and inspiring. I did an internship every semester, actually most of us, because a number of internships were also mandatory in law school. We took almost five to six weeks off after each semester and I preferred to use each of these breaks for an internship. After 5 years, I completed a total of 13 internships, ranging from the National Human Rights Commission, NGOs, companies to law firms such as Trilegal, Lakshmi Kumaran & Shridharan, Dua Associates, Holla & Holla Advocates and so on. In today`s fast-paced world, it`s more important than ever to have a legal partner who understands all aspects of your business and uses technology to move you forward effectively and decisively. Whether it`s predicting the impact of regulatory, economic and political changes on your business or understanding how to future-proof your strategy, we combine your challenges with the right legal and PwC expertise. Together we help you: How a contract management system can come out of your legal processes Mooting, publication of articles and conferences at various national and international conferences have helped me enormously in my career legal. I want to reiterate that research, design and speaking are extremely important in the legal profession, and my active participation in these extracurricular activities has certainly helped me improve these skills and my knowledge base. In addition, participating in these activities makes you a more confident person and allows you to admit that one certainly appreciates the laurels and recognition that come with it. Finally, in retrospect, I realize that these references on your resume have an impact on recruiters, because you can judge a lot of things about yourself as a person, your skills, strength, motivation, personality, interests, efforts and characteristics through the activities that interest you. Either way, for those planning to do their LL.M from abroad, these references in your app will definitely make a difference and give you an edge over others.

I try to spend at least half an hour every day browsing legal blogs and news websites, etc. to keep up with the latest industry news and updates. If you are part of the industry, you will end up with a lot of friends, colleagues and lot colleagues working in different sectors, law firms, etc. and in the end, you will have important updates from each other, which is very useful. As a lawyer, the nature of your job also requires a lot of reading for various tasks and you accidentally know things. Unique style of fully integrated legal service delivery PwC Legal is a growing international law firm that offers both legal and commercial services. Business is global and we do business globally, but from home. Working with PwC, the world`s leading provider of professional services, gives us the opportunity to provide complex legal and professional services in more than 100 countries around the world.

As part of PwC`s global network, we bring our connected expertise in legal knowledge, business understanding and technology innovation to focus on your future and discover new opportunities. Access our network of legal experts where you need them today and access your region using the drop-down menu. You want to join us but you can`t find a suitable position at the moment? Don`t worry, write to us and we`ll look at other options together Every business day is unpredictable, making it both challenging and interesting. A lot of multitasking is required on a daily basis as you can work on multiple projects/tasks at the same time. Therefore, time management is crucial, because in most cases, strict deadlines must be met and you must be on your feet all the time. The aim of our alumni network is to keep you in touch with your former colleagues and friends as well as PwC India. PwC offers a diverse and exciting approach to development that takes you in hand. As you drive your development and growth, you have the opportunity to learn from your colleagues and customers around you through on-the-job experiences. My first job was with SRGR Law Offices and it was a wonderful experience to work there. The firm`s partners are not only extremely competent, but also well-founded and approachable. I worked in their general corporate law team and worked extensively on energy and infrastructure laws, FDI, FEMA and so on.

I also had to design a lot and review various trade agreements. It was a great place for me to learn as a beginner. As for your question about whether these activities should be mandatory, I think everyone in law school is mature enough to know what is good for them and what is not, and therefore their own for everyone. However, personally, I would recommend everyone to be active in law school and at least undertake an extracurricular activity that you really enjoy or have always wanted to include. It could be anything – sports, music, debates, drama, advocacy, newspaper publishing. Not only for the reasons I mentioned above, but also because it`s the perfect time to pursue whatever you`re passionate about. Also, I believe that you constantly need some kind of rest and tracking extracurricular/extracurricular activities not only takes care of it, but also directs your energy in the right direction. For me, this activity has been controversial and I think I have evolved with every pleading I have been involved in, both personally and professionally. Every time I represented my law school and won moot court competitions, it gave me an unparalleled high. Advocate Commission to Review Urban Planning Madras HC has sent three of its lawyers to a commission to review improvements to Rameswaram and Ramanathaswamy Temple facilities [PTI] Take a look at the different ways PwC Legal can help you take the next step in your career. One wonders if all the Playboy publicity generated by Hefner`s death late last month would have had a positive influence on ratings. Personally, I think that extracurricular and extracurricular activities are very important and play a huge role in developing the personality and perspective of a person, whether they are a law student or not.

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