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At one point, the commanding general, General Throckmorton, was informed that shots had taken place on a road. Sweep (also called sweep ratio estimation) is a post-stratification method of adjusting sample weights in a survey so that adjusted weights add up to known population counts for post-stratified classifications when only the marginal population total is known. The resulting adjusted sample weights provide a closer correspondence between the sample and the population [page 672] between these postal strata than the original sample. However, Raking assumes that people who refuse to answer are like respondents in every mail shift. Nevertheless, when carefully implemented, sweep improves the mean square error of the sample estimates. Mackenzie ignited when Tim knocked him over and turned his face away to suppress a hot response. This gave the American ship an arithmetic position, and in an instant the fierce tars were busy with their guns. Above all, Republicans in the House of Representatives have been lobbying for Keystone for some time and collecting donations. “I`m going to ask the police to comb the city for him immediately,” Merry said. And today I was in a lack of energy and bad mood and I combed my miserable mail. The term sweep is used to describe this statistical technique because the sweep rate – the ratio between the total (or population checksum) for a given postal shift and the marginal sum of the row (or column) of the sample for. Meanwhile, 40 major conference programs deserve at least $100 million, including the University of Texas, which has brought in more than $220 million.

The head of the Lexington Herald did so safely and raked McConnell on the coals on Wednesday. Because they were the ones who “raked the coals,” they were called “gorges.” The elected Irish Head of State has voluntarily reduced his salary – our Head of State continues to collect it without protest. One day, Mr. Marble and his men were busy in the meadow, raking the hay and carrying it to the barn. PSPCs are on fire in the U.S., making more money last year than in the entire previous decade. This tour is, of course, the On the Run tour with Beyoncé and Jay Z, which is about to raise up to $100 million. About a third of the funds deposited by players went to poker companies as income, known as “rake,” prosecutors said. Lacob: Unlike Gang Related, I actually liked Rake less than I thought. The Belgians don`t set a limit on the number of elephants you can shoot just to get their rake. The next 10 times after that, the simple repetition made it funny again, like the famous Simpsons rake joke.

It could be Mulligan. All pretty virgins. That`s what attracts these hordes of guys: their white. Any movie that doesn`t make $50 million or more in theaters on opening weekend can be released on streaming services 17 days later. All young dogs tend to rake, that is, chase their noses close to the ground and follow their birds on the trail rather than in the wind. But when they returned to Zoyland Chase, the old rake was bitter in his contradictions with Wilding`s madness and weakness. Middle English, Old English racu; similar to the old German rake Rehho Obed Hussey, which made cheap bread Although we were outnumbered by three to one, we were still well covered in our boat and could rake any canoe when it appeared. Lysing makes the tufts thinner near the surface and mixes the fertilizer deeper than a rake can be used.

On top of that, streaming doesn`t currently generate as much revenue as traditional TV. He forbade his subjects, on pain of banishment, to eliminate the old causes of dispute. Poker works with something called rake, which is a percentage of each hand that goes straight to the casino. If it is autumn and the yard is covered with leaves, you should take out the rake, a long-handled tool with a number of teeth. Either that, or take out the excuses and leave the leaves where they sit. b) a dog to take a bad course. See quote. “It`s my collage on a farm,” he says, pointing to a rake, a plant and a chicken.

They dress in clothes from the lost property house and are cared for with hacksaws and gravel rakes. Letters to his son on the art of becoming a man of the world and a gentleman rake has multiple meanings, including the use of a rake to pick up leaves or smooth the ground. Rake can also mean searching something — how police can search a crime scene for clues, or how you can search a messy desk for a pencil. A rake is also an oblique plane – it is often used to refer to an oblique scene in a theater. In high society, a rake is an immoral man. Eleven accused of federal raid on online poker companies But at the next harvest, I had it designed to be pulled by an iron bar that was shaped, fixed and supported on the lower part of the cart so that the machine rotated in any direction. and the car would follow, as do the two rear wheels of a wagon; The chariot had a seat behind it and a thick, deep cushion in front of which the rake could rest its knees while removing the grain from the platform in its right hand, which it could do with apparent ease with a particular shape_ _rake; — (this cannot be done with an ordinary-shaped rake). “Because we don`t underestimate the international game,” said Johnson, who had nine stitches on the left side of his nose – thanks to a facial rake from a New Zealander.

“When hunting: (a) A falcon in the wild; Fly away from the game. Complete Project Gutenberg Works of the Earl of Chesterfield For both, a small fine rake is the best remedy. Having mentioned the word rake, I must say a word or two on this subject, for young people too often and always inevitably tend to confuse this character with that of a man of pleasure; Whereas in the world there are two characters who are more different. JACK: It`s a tender age, through the jingo, where the rake is the good gentleman and the good gentleman is the lady`s favorite, egad. Meanwhile, many employers of these important workers, including Walmart, Amazon, Kroger and Costco, posted record profits.

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