Sample Cover Letter for Legal Job Application Uk

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No, a potential employer should not consider any of this information when reviewing your application. After all, your last paragraph is where you succinctly wrap the cover letter, close the circle and make a positive impression. In your last paragraph, pay attention to this: The lawyer`s cover letter should meet the following objectives to help you get an interview: Organize your education in reverse chronological order, with your last example appearing first. Include the name of the institution, topics, dates, and your notes. Describe any professional legal qualifications you possess, such as the Legal Practice Course (CPL) or the Lawyers` Qualifying Examination (SQE). Don`t forget to mention the areas of law you studied and include the title of your thesis. It`s much smarter to submit between five and ten highly targeted requests than dozens of generic applications by copy and paste. Each request must be treated as an individual project. Highlight what sets you apart and make your cover letter powerful and accurate. The header of your cover letter should match the header of your resume. Under your data, you need to include the city and date of the letter and check that you have included the details of the right hiring manager below. No one trusts you with their workload if you send them a request with their competitor`s address on it. Some recruiters want you to upload your cover letter as part of an online application form (e.g., Baker McKenzie and Jones Day), while others – usually smaller law firms – want you to send the letter with a resume (see our sample legal resume here).

Your legal resume should be about two or three pages long and follow this general structure: “A well-written, concise, persuasive cover letter written by a trainee lawyer who has really thought about the firm,” says Nichola Rowe, director of legal human resources at Cleary Gottlieb. “Ask yourself: what sets this firm apart from other law firms and how do my individual skills and experience fit into this firm?” The best examples of legal cover letters have a clear structure, such as: Keep in mind that law firms will measure your ability to communicate professionally with clients by the professionalism of your cover letter – you make an argument, just as you would as a practicing lawyer. Depending on your experience, you may want to separate and highlight any legal, business, or volunteer experience. Describe your most important tasks and responsibilities and mention the positive results of your actions. Apply your legal work experience to demonstrate your passion and part-time or volunteer work to demonstrate your transferable skills such as teamwork and communication. When writing a cover letter, focus on what you have to offer. Whatever your reasons for looking for a new job, bring a unique blend of attributes. Highlight these attributes, whether they are your own: Give a general overview of your legal education and experience in one or two paragraphs to show: Remember: Be specific, but remember that this is not the place to rephrase your resume – if you can get the hiring manager`s attention here, they will read your resume for these details.

In your cover letter, you can entice the reader to switch to your resume by providing context and highlighting how your experience aligns with what`s needed for the job. You can use this general structure to write your cover letter: The body part of your cover letter is your chance to shine – and summarize exactly how you meet the requirements set out in the job description. Berkeley Law also offers an excellent guide to legal letters. In a crowded legal job market, there`s no better way to stand out than with a great legal cover letter. Make sure you do your best with your future employer by: The number of candidates far exceeds available training or lawyer jobs, so your applications need to shine to stand out. Learn how to perfect your legal resume and cover letter To achieve these goals, your legal cover letter should follow this general structure: The reality of day-to-day work at many fast-paced law firms can be brutal, and letting them know you`ve done a little research before writing your legal cover letter can help you avoid many less thorough candidates. Customize the format of your cover letter – legible, clear and accessible: you may have less experience. Writing a legal cover letter for beginners is not easy. The legal industry is changing rapidly, and job seekers need to stand out to get hired (unless, of course, you decide to start your own law firm). The header of your cover letter can be found at the top of the cover letter and includes your essential contact information, including your name, phone number, and email address. The cover letter header will usually be in a larger font than the rest of your cover letter to make it stand out.

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