Where Is It Legal to Have a Pet Otter

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States where otters may be legal, New York. Are otters legal in New York? No. Answer: You buy otters from a breeder or broker. They are not widely available and you will probably have to register on a waiting list. They are expensive to buy and accommodate. Aggression during stress. When otters are excited or stressed, they can bite and become aggressive. Their bite is sharp and prickly. If you are bitten by an otter, you need to treat the wound immediately. Also watch for signs of bacterial infection of the wound. The sad reality is that there is only one species of otter that can be possessed – the Asian-clawed otter – and even this species is hard to find.

The best way to get one is to contact an exotic pet broker. Removing river otters from the wild in North America is a bad idea and rather illegal, even though the state allows possession of captive-bred otters. “It`s not like raising kittens,” says Nicole Duplaix, who teaches otter ecology at Oregon State University in Corvallis and chairs the International Union for Conservation of Nature`s otter section, which determines the conservation status of species. “There are no otter mills.” Answer: Sea otters are not legal anywhere under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. To stay healthy in captivity, otters need special food. Fed with dog food and kept in a small cage, this otter named Ophelia became obese. I want to train otters at the zoo to learn how to care for exotics. Are there research programs that help repopulate endangered otter species such as the Congo clawed otter, about which so little is known? It could also benefit the scientific community, as little is known about their behavior. AnimalWet looks at the different aspects of domestic otters. Not only will we let you know if you can have an otter as a pet, but we will also investigate the different reasons why it is not the best idea for legal and practical reasons.

Despite these restrictions, the illegal trade in domestic otters is thriving on social media platforms that have popularized all sorts of exotic animals — from poisonous spiders to big cats to talking birds — and made it easier to sell them. Hello, I want to buy an otter, I want to know how very open and honest they are for this article, but reading the reviews, I was overwhelmed by all the ignorance. I must say that most, but not all, of the comments are of great concern to me about our society today. The reviews make it clear that most of you should probably NEVER OWN A PET because your mindset is. IMPRESSIVE!! I just don`t have words for it! Expenses like the ones mentioned above aren`t the only unfavorable factors in keeping an otter as a pet. Smell may be a minor consideration, but it should not be overlooked. Due to their diet rich in fish, the feces of an otter are particularly lazy. However, they also mark the territory with scent glands at the base of their tails. Aggressiveness in otters is also something important to consider.

Otters in captivity need cages. No, you don`t need a huge zoo enclosure with a natural lake (although it won`t hurt), but sheltering small-clawed Asian otters will still be a challenge for the average human or even an advanced exotic pet owner. The cage should be decent in size, leaving the animal enough space to train and forge. Instead of mentioning specific sizes, I would recommend simply imagining what acceptable length and width you would consider for a very energetic and playful carnivore who will spend most, if not all, of his life in the pen. In such a case, the average dog race will not cut it. According to a recent traffic report, researchers counting the number of otters for sale on Facebook in five Southeast Asian countries documented at least 700 between January and mid-May 2018. Most vendors offered young, small, smaller clawed otters (less than 10 pounds) than their longer-clawed counterparts. If I get rich in my future, I will definitely buy an otter Some U.S. states have additional regulations for owning a raccoon as a pet. For example, in North Carolina, a veterinarian must approve the animal before it is transported to the state.

In Arkansas, you can`t keep more than 5 raccoons at a time. The yellow states on the map created by user Reddit toddrjones show the states where it is legal to own a raccoon. Dogs and otters can also transmit diseases to each other. Dogs can infect otters with distemper and rabies. Otters can give salmonella to dogs, just like humans. Otters can bite when threatened and are not good roommates. Answer: Since pet otters are rare, a dealer has a lot of room to maneuver when it comes to pricing. Expect to pay at least $3000; It could also be much higher. This species is not for beginners.

Can You Have a Little Asian Claw Viper as a Pet in the State of Georgia The woman in the video says she would NOT 100% recommend an otter as a pet? To protect animals, most countries in Southeast Asia have passed laws prohibiting their capture, sale, possession and transport. The small-clawed viper, smooth-haired otter and hairy-nosed otter are also listed in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which regulates global trade in wild fauna and flora. This means that humans need a permit to export them, and that the permit can only be granted if the source government determines that taking an otter from the wild does not threaten the survival of the species. A simple wildlife hobby license is usually all it takes to keep exotic animals in Missouri. The authorisation is only valid for the keeping of an animal within the framework of the authorisation. Usually, in Missouri, exotic animals are designated by classes. Class I wildlife generally includes small animals and reptiles, while Class II wildlife contains animals that could be considered dangerous, such as venomous snakes. River otters are specifically mentioned as animals that can be owned with a permit.

However, Asian otters are not mentioned, which means they are legal without special permission. The care of river otters is closely monitored with specific guidelines on cages. Otters are mainly wild animals that are happiest in their natural habitat and are not meant to be kept in our homes. You may have seen YouTube videos of otters playing in people`s homes, but often these videos lack context. You may not know that otters probably only exist as an interim solution in a larger conservation effort. Otters should not live in a household, and the demand for pet otters is helping to boost the illegal pet trade and decimate wild populations. If you have some kind of metal cage and want to live in a winter climate, I should make a small place with heating Not only do you need the right pen and food resources to care for a domestic otter, but you also need access to specialists in your neighborhood. Veterinarians are well trained to care for a variety of animals, but most lack the specific training needed to care for the health and welfare of an otter. If you could find one, the cost of their expertise would be prohibitive for most households. This does not even take into account the amount of capital needed to install the appropriate enclosure and properly feed the otters. Duplaix and others also want to spread the word that otters shouldn`t be kept as pets. As she says, “It`s not cool.” There are still about 4,000 tigers in the wild, but experts say there are more than that in captivity in the United States alone, although many states have strict restrictions on keeping these animals in captivity.

The map, created by Tech Insider, shows U.S. states where humans can legally own big cats. It is extremely important that you offer otters – and all animals – a diversified enrichment. Here are some ideas: However, few countries seem to prefer otters as pets. In Japan, pet fads occur with some regularity.

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