Why Is Business Ethics Important Mcq

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What does an entrepreneur who does business around the world say? (a) International entrepreneurship (B). Intrapreneurship (C). National entrepreneurship (D). Imports (E). None of these multiple-choice questions were answered: (A). International Entrepreneurship A gas station is a good example of _____ (A). new concept/new company (B). new concept/existing company (C). existing concept/new business (D). existing concept/business (E).

None of these multiple-choice questions have been answered: (C). Existing concept/new business The study of business situations, activities and decisions that address the issues of right and wrong The power and influence of corporations means that they have the potential to harm society. Don`t let your ego get in the way of your business 9. Most companies begin the process of establishing organizational ethics programs by developing: c. Impact of national policies on trade decisions Restoring a company`s image after a notorious trade scandal From the statements given, list the important ethical principles that a company should follow: Assume that good governments will apply good ethical practices in their companies 8. To be successful, business ethics training programs must: that is, rarely become an effective part of the ethics and compliance program. 107. A ……………. is a buzzword for employees to comply with ethical standards and forms the basis of rules of conduct. A.

Code of Ethics C. The establishment of standardized ethics programs. “Business ethics is an art and science for maintaining a harmonious relationship with society, its various groups and institutions, and for recognizing moral responsibility for the narrowness and falsehood of corporate behavior,” -Wheeler. 23. Leadership ethics can be characterized by all but 102…………… are the principles that guide and guide businessmen in the exercise of their business functions a. Business ethics Ethical theories are old assumptions about how to create good business practices 105………. establishes methods for reporting violations, disciplinary measures for violations, and due process structure A. Business Ethics How many parties are involved in a franchise business? (A). 1 (b).

2 (c). 3 (d)). 5 years is (B). 2 What is the right by which you can control your own personal data? (A). Access (B). Security (C). Privacy Policy (D). None of the above years are (C). Confidentiality Don`t let someone`s ego influence your business decisions Business ethics and effective corporate governance lead to ____. 110.

Ethics in the workplace can be achieved through the application of a. Codes of ethics 2. Stakeholders are considered more important to an organization if: You answered a difficult quiz about ethics, business ethics, morality, rights, etc. Let`s see if you have such kind of knowledge or not. You will learn many ethical terms and rules. It doesn`t matter, even if you don`t do a lot of things right. 13. Successful global business standards initiatives should begin and end with: (a) taking the necessary steps for the development of the industry or enterprise concerned. There are two types of ethics-based communication: This refers to the system of moral principles and rules of conduct applied to business. 34. MBO may refer to? has. Business Goal Management Ethical processes that companies use to achieve a good ethical standard A company can continue its activities u/s 45 for ____ months (A).

1 (b). 2 (c). 5 (d). 6 (e). None of these multiple-choice questions were answered: (D). 6 ___ should be selected as a director of a corporation (A). An individual. (B) A corporation. (C) A corporation. (D) An association. (E).

None of these multiple-choice questions were answered: (A). An individual. What moral values do they always deviate from? (A). Culture to Culture (B). From person to person (C). State to State (D). All of the above (E). None of these multiple-choice questions were answered: (B). From person to person a. Government`s ability to interfere in trade negotiations 22. The view that companies exist for the pleasure of society and that companies should meet public expectations for social responsibility is Maslow`s 67th theory of motivation is………..

A. Theory X and Y 91…….. Culture can be seen in Military A. Fortress. 132. Theory X and Theory Y were developed by ……………… A. A.H.Maslov. 78.

The word MBO means ………….. A. Administration by organization 14. The philosophy of the social economy partnership focuses on: A company whose shares can be easily transferred is _____ (A). Private enterprises (B). Public limited company (C). Both ((A) and (B). (D). None of the above (E). None of these multiple-choice questions were answered: (A). Private companies How many members are there at least in an open company? (A).

1 (b). 2 (c). 5 (d). 7 120…………………… The School of Management recognizes the existence of centralized knowledge for management. A. Systems approach 7. Atmospheric problems include all of the following, except: 90…….. Culture exists in fast-paced, high-risk organizations a. Fortress A.

because it is demanded by the company`s bankers. 52. ———— aims to visualize and identify discrepancies before they actually occur. A. Prospective regulation 1. What kind of justice is there when employees are open, honest and truthful in their communication at work? 5. A committed approach to environmental issues may include all of the following exceptions: Whistleblowers are employees of an organisation who go beyond normal procedures and loyalty to their employer and report misconduct in the common interest. 41. When instructions or instructions are delegated to a particular person, it is called general delegation 28. Koontz and O`Donnel are proponents of a …………

of management a. empirically. 130……….. is defined as a chain of superiors from the highest authority to the lowest ranks a. Structure Innocent Justice, Guilty Justice, Intuitional Justice. 25. An external audit of the accounts of a public limited company is required 79. MBO focuses on …………..

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